FOX 17's Tennessee Mornings: Pick Your Own Local Produce

by Kelly on May 20, 2010 · 0 comments

If you are visiting this site after seeing me on Fox 17’s Tennessee Mornings this morning, WELCOME! Below you will find links to the information that I shared on air, along with a few additional links that you might find helpful.

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Pick Your Own Local Produce

Seasonal Produce

  • Strawberries – now thru end of May
  • Blackberries, Blueberries , Cherries – June – July
  • Peaches – late June/July
  • Apples – late Summer/Fall

Tips for Picking Produce:

  1. Call ahead – get details on pricing, availability, and hours of operation
  2. Containers – some farms provide them for free and some charge, or you can bring your own
  3. Arrive early – better selection; bring sun block and snacks

Post Picking Prep:

  1. Have a plan – don’t let what you picked go to waste
  2. Use or eat bruised fruit first
  3. Not all fruit needs to be cleaned: Example – clean strawberries but not blueberries

Online Resources:
The following sites include information like harvest calendars, farmers markets, and local festivals.


Highlights not to miss!

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Getting Started: A page to help you get started in your savings journey!

Grocery Store Deals: Pick your favorite store and see what deals they have this week.

Coupons: Checkout my Coupon Database for all printables, inserts and more!

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