FOX 17's Tennessee Mornings: Pick Your Own Local Produce

If you are visiting this site after seeing me on Fox 17’s Tennessee Mornings this morning, WELCOME! Below you will find links to the information that I shared on air, along with a few additional links that you might find helpful.

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Pick Your Own Local Produce

Seasonal Produce

  • Strawberries – now thru end of May
  • Blackberries, Blueberries , Cherries – June – July
  • Peaches – late June/July
  • Apples – late Summer/Fall

Tips for Picking Produce:

  1. Call ahead – get details on pricing, availability, and hours of operation
  2. Containers – some farms provide them for free and some charge, or you can bring your own
  3. Arrive early – better selection; bring sun block and snacks

Post Picking Prep:

  1. Have a plan – don’t let what you picked go to waste
  2. Use or eat bruised fruit first
  3. Not all fruit needs to be cleaned: Example – clean strawberries but not blueberries

Online Resources:
The following sites include information like harvest calendars, farmers markets, and local festivals.


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