Reader Question: On Tennessean Coupon Inserts Variation

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This weekend I posed a question on my Facebook page, asking what inserts people had received in the Tennessean paper. I was very surprised to hear the response was totally different for almost everyone that commented. Our area is fortunate, because our inserts typically line up with what is scheduled to be in the Sunday paper, however I know many in outlying areas of Nashville find theirs to be different.

Reader Stephanie gave us the scoop:

Here’s the Deal. We called The Tennessean because this happens to us FREQUENTLY and this is what we were told. “You are only guaranteed the coupon inserts if purchased in DAVIDSON CO. regardless of whether you have home delivery or not. Any extras are used to fill up the remaining papers. Gallatin rarely has all the inserts”………… sad!


  1. says

    I live in Murfreesboro and I’ve only had issues a few times. When we called the Tennessean they sent us a new paper the one time we didn’t get inserts, but the delivery person said that she couldn’t control whether or not we’d get inserts. That’s just kind of crappy considering I only buy the Sunday paper FOR coupons.
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  2. jessica says

    Now that is just crazy, the only reason I buy the Tennessean is for the coupons. I may have to switch to the Daily News Journal.

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